Start With A Diamond

Your Guide To Diamonds

Natural Diamonds

Formed deep in the earth as long as three billion years ago, natural diamonds are a wonder of nature. These stunning pieces of the ancient world are the oldest (and most beautiful!) things you'll ever own.

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Lab Grown Diamonds

An achievement of modern technology, lab grown diamonds are created in a laboratory through either a high pressure, high temperature (HPHT) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process in a matter of weeks.

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Natural Vs Lab Grown

Laboratory grown diamonds have essentially the same chemical, physical, and optical characteristics as natural diamonds, but their origin stories are very different. All natural diamonds were formed by the earth billions of years ago; lab grown diamonds are created in laboratories or factories in days or weeks. While lab grown diamonds lack the rarity of natural diamonds, they offer the same beauty as natural diamonds and are often less expensive because of their mass production.

Diamond Rating And Grades

Why should you ask for a grading report?

How are diamonds graded?

How does grading impact a diamond’s price?