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Mixed Metals – It is Time to Own the Two Tone Jewelry

Oct 19, 2023

Mixed Metals – It is Time to Own the Two Tone Jewelry

‘Fashion is transient, but style is eternal’. While you may choose to follow contemporary fashion trends or have a consistent style, one rule stays in common. And that is, both adhere to ‘no rules’. Yes, you heard us right. No presumptuous rules dictate when it comes to giving a let out to our sartorial reveries. Like clothing, creating a statement look with fine jewelry is a nuanced art. To ace the skill, break free of antiquated styling shackles. Love both your white and yellow gold rings equally? Can’t decide between your rose gold and white gold bracelets? We say, why should one have to choose? Wear both. Mixed metal jewelry is for fashion connoisseurs who love to play unique, stand out with their choices, while creating unprecedented trends along the way.

It is Time to Own Up the Mixed Metals Trend in Jewelry

It all started with women developing a penchant for other jewelry metals apart from yellow gold. For those who found the latter a bit ostentatious, white gold presented a subtle alternative. Rose gold jewelry, too, found its niche admirers who fell for its elegant charm and sophistication. Platinum has always been held highly for its eliteness as a jewelry metal. But truth be told, most of us feel equally bewitched by all these metals at a given time, overwhelmed by the urge to wear them together. Once upon a time, it would have constituted a major style impropriety to fathom such sorts of metal mingling, but not anymore. Mixed metal jewelry is a hot trend, and if you nail it right, you can elevate any look from an average styling tryst to a ravishing, swoon-worthy appearance.

Just as wearing ‘prints on prints’ reflects an avant-garde outfit choice, stacking different jewelry metals together speaks of artistic excellence. Think of stacking multiple rings or layering bracelets in different metals with a monochrome outfit for raised glamour. If two-tone jewelry agrees with your aesthetic conscious, we suggest investing in jewelry pieces designed in two to three metals. It takes off the humongous effort that goes into putting complementing jewelry together.

Mixed Metal Rings – An Epitome of Innovative Style

When accessorizing a look, rings can do all the magic to accentuate those beautiful hands, emphasizing you as a well-groomed, polished dresser. For many of us, a single metal ring ceases to create the impact, leaving us yearning for more. Stacking jewelry is an art that needs fair practice and innate talent to strike perfection. Till you achieve that, let these gorgeous two-tone metal rings, remarkable for their designs, sit pretty on your fingers. Read on as we unravel some of our favorites from the collection.

A beautifully handcrafted 14k diamond ring in white and yellow gold layered bands. While the two-toned bands adjoined are a style statement in itself, the elegant gold beaded structure in between adds further character to this ring. Scintillating diamonds in both the yellow gold and white gold settings present an interesting contrast while hitting cordial notes of designing genius. If you are already eyeing this ring, we say all stylish minds think alike!

If you find the straight diamond band (though a classic) a little too bland for you, this criss-cross two-tone ring should entice your senses. While the sophistication of the diamond setting in the 14k white gold band is perfect, the glamorous yellow gold beaded band does well to spruce up things. It is almost as if the criss-cross of the metals signifies the law of attraction between the opposites.

This stunning 14k gold ring brings together the sturdiness of the rope design in yellow gold with the elegant suaveness of diamonds crafted in white gold. With both a traditional and cosmopolitan appeal, this ring can be accessorized with any look. One ring that you do not have to think twice before styling. Transition it seamlessly between your day-to-night looks, featuring anything from formal, casual to occasion wear outfits.


Earrings in Mixed Metal – Beautiful Pairs One Cannot Take Their Eyes Off

These 14k yellow and white gold can instantly perk up your entire look. The intertwining of the yellow twisted rope hoops with diamond-studded white gold hoops enriches the contemporary appeal of these earrings. With twirling rings in two different metals, these earrings ought to catch on the onlookers’ fancy. Style them any hour of the day, especially for intimate brunches or cozy dinner dates. These earrings shall do perfect justice even to large gatherings and formal events, with everyone taking a note of your stylish appearance.

These 14k white-yellow gold diamond embedded earrings feature gold beads accentuating the delicate teardrop design. The most stunning facet of these earrings is that they suit each face shape, highlighting its best features. For the admirers of mixed metal jewelry, this beautiful pair can be your regular wear accessory without fearing them turning out to look mundane.

Almost like having each other’s back, these two-tone earrings with yellow gold and white gold are a testimony of beautiful craftsmanship. Like a couple very much in love, the twisted rope structure and diamond circle loop into each other, oblivious of the world around them. Effortless yet very chic, these 14K mixed metal earrings will make for the most cherished jewels in your jewelry box (and most frequently worn as well!).


Mixed Metal Necklaces – Rich in Class and Elegance

Rather than layering two necklaces in different metals, this single, mixed metals necklace can be a stunning alternative. Held together with a 14K yellow gold chain, the graceful necklace has oval-shaped yellow gold rope loops adjoined by white gold diamond connectors. While the gold necklace glitters on your neckline, the high-quality diamonds luster with their brilliance. Wear it any time of the day, for any occasion, and it perks up the glam quotient instantly, waving away the need for any more accessories.

A dainty necklace chain falling gracefully over the shoulder bones while the stylish pendant draws attention to the neckline. This 14K necklace exhibits intricate craftsmanship with a pave diamond-encrusted white gold circle, guarded by a thick yellow gold round design. Women can feel free to style this with formal outfits, occasion wear, or even casual daytime looks to always exude a classy feel.


Bracelets in mixed metals – Holding a Firm Grip on Fashion and Style


Yellow Gold rope loops adjoined together by white gold diamond connectors, this bracelet is voguish yet robust at the same time. Just like most of us, if you too prefer to have a tinge of both colors of gold flashing on your hand, this bracelet is the perfect jewelry for you. Versatility meets style as this two-tone bracelet can be stacked with more jewelry in as many ways as one may fathom.

This bracelet is a classic, time-honored design that continues to charm our imaginations. The 14K yellow gold beaded cuff bracelet is hard to resist for any jewelry connoisseur with any aesthetic preference. There are just so many fancy ways to style and wear it. The finely embedded diamond stations in white gold placed in close proximity enhance the overall prettiness of this jewelry piece. Since the design appeals to every heart, you can even gift this to a loved one on a special occasion. They would certainly cherish your thoughtful expression of love.

This 14K yellow-white gold bracelet with a stream of pave diamond setting placed parallel to two outer gold channels speaks for its excellent designing. The elaborate layout makes it an astounding piece of jewelry to be worn as a standalone, or if you wish to have your jewelry do the talking, stack it with a couple of sleek bangles or bracelets from the collection.


Ways to Accessorize Mixed Metal Jewelry like a Style Virtuoso

If you already possess some gorgeous mixed metal jewelry pieces in your personal collection, consider yourself a winner outright! There is just no plausible way that these styles would not get you the worthy attention deemed or a bevy of compliments coming your way. The only skill left to master is accessorizing and flaunting them in the best possible way. As your perpetual style saviors, our in-house team gives you a low down on acing the skill.

– Make the two-tone jewelry the high feature of your look by styling it with a monochrome outfit or a single-tone look from head to toe. Wear different hues of a single color, while the different metals of the jewelry add a sophisticated vibe to the look.

– Go all black. Though a black outfit in itself is a byword of luxury, elevating it with two-tone jewels ascends the whole dress-up game to another level. Metal gold in all its color variations – yellow, white, and rose gold, along with diamonds strikes brilliantly against a black backdrop. Let your outfit be that backdrop to the scintillating glean of the beautiful jewelry.

– For further accenting the impact of your mixed metal jewelry, layer it with more single-tone jewelry. If you wear a yellow-white gold ring, consider highlighting it with an elegant band in a single metal. Even a sleek diamond band would work wonders in accentuating the mixed metal ring. Stack a two-tone bracelet with single metal bracelets on either side, enhancing the impact while putting the latter in the spotlight.

– Planning to wear your yellow-white gold jewelry? Follow maximalism in accessorizing, but tread the path cautiously. Refrain from adding on any other color variation of metal to your look like rose gold, platinum, or silver. Too many stars of the show only act upon ruining the essence.

Your style is what sets you apart and with the mixed metal jewelry featuring in your looks, be sure you are at the pinnacle of your game.


Written by: Garima Mehta